Lovelee is the ideal location for your next event.

Whether it is a staff party, book launch, wedding or corporate event - every detail is being taken care of with abundance of love and care.

Lovelee is a versatile venue that can accomodate all of your needs.

Together with our energetic in-house event production team we will ensure an unforgettable event.


Located at Lijnbaansgracht 238, next to the bustling Leidseplein in the heart of Amsterdam, you can find Lovelee. Lovelee is a Young Cult Club that connects people through Music, Art and Ideas. 
The venue hosts a discotheque, creative hotbed, art gallery, and concert hall. We aim to offer a diverse and vibrant programme to uplift people’s (musical) spirit, with a strong focus on facilitating and creating an inspiring platform where younghearted artists can explore, discover and cultivate their talents and ideas. Lovelee welcomes people from all walks of life, where it is less about where you are from, but more about where you want to be.


The club area is equipped with a cutting edge sound system and stage, that enables us to host every music event possible. Whether it is a huge club event, an intimate concert or a seated show. Lovelee’s music director Julien Simmons who has been active as deejay and programmer in the Amsterdam nightlife scene for more than 15 years, can help to find your perfect musical match. With a fine palate and extensive network of taste makers, he is able to advise and source the right artist within the given musical direction/genre – whether it be a live musical band, (inter) national deejay or sing-and-songwriter. Lovelee is able to provide technical equipment and support on request as well. 

Lovelee believes that a club night combined with entertainment can elevate the vibe and create interaction with the audience on another level, which makes your event stand out from others. Lovelee has been working closely with a select group of creative agencies. They know the place, the staff and are able to cope with last-minute changes. Our creative partners can provide over the top entertainment or new ways to turn the common things into something extraordinary, Lovelee is delighted to share this expertise and experience.



Once you have entered the venue, you will be led towards the Red Room. Here you will find the fully equipped bar and, at first sight, an innocent red sofa. However, when the sofa is put apart, one will end up with a ‘dancing pole’ in the middle. From the Red Room one walks towards the Yellow Room, also known as the photo room (instead of an usual photobooth) - with a playful décor to capture your memories into a photo.

CAPACITY: 30 pax
SIZE: 25m2 +10m2 (Yellow Room)


The club room is designed as a black box, equipped with a cutting edge sound system and the ability to convert to - and host various events. Whether it is a huge club event for 550 dancers, a concert for 450 music lovers, or a seated (theatre) show for 200 spectators. Size doesn’t matter at Lovelee. This room boasts two bars; the main bar located in the back of the ground floor and the second one on stage (this bar can be closed off or covered up, during shows). The room is styled with two large trees, a lush selection of movable (faux) plants and furniture, that can be used to create the desired vibe.

Club 570 pax 
Concert 450 pax 
Theatre 200 pax
SIZE: 266 m2


Through the club one can access the balcony that is located on the upper floor. This cozy, purple tinted area boasts the best view, overlooking the stage and club. The balcony has its own fully equipped bar and various movable (faux) plants and furniture. The perfect spot to chill out, chit-chat and enjoy watching the crowd.

CAPACITY: 50 pax
SIZE: 49 m2


Located on the first floor of Lovelee, you can find The Gallery. Every season a new artist is invited by Lovelee or introduced by the last artist, to ‘live’ in this space for the coming four months. Lovelee serves an entirely white space to the artist, which can be completely filled in with its wildest imagination. Whether it is an art installation, mural, photo exhibition – carte blanche is guaranteed. To assure an enjoyable stay for the artist, the space is styled with all bare necessities, like a bed, bathtub, dining table, table games, piano and its own sound system.

CAPACITY: 75 pax
SIZE: 73 m2


Lovelee Radio is an online community and platform where artists can freely express, bring people together and connect through Music, Art & Ideas. 
Located on the first floor, the radio room can be used as a recording studio to produce and create (radio) content. It is possible to broadcast live via our Lovelee Radio platform. The program includes - but is not limited to - deejay-sets, podcasts and live panels.

Want to see more interior images? You can find them HERE


All Lovelee spaces combined can host up to 725 guests. 

Want to learn more about all the options at Lovelee? Explore our online brochure


Lovelee boasts a well-experienced team that will keep your appetite ‘wet’. Our talented staff members are ready to serve you an elegant glass of sparkling wine, a perfectly tapped beer or shake a stunning cocktail to heat things up just a little bit more.
Lovelee works closely with catering partners and sister venues: Hula Hula and Chin Chin Club.

Both venues are located in the direct neighbourhood. With a large team of creative professionals, they are ready to work their magic and stir up the most delicious and gorgeous looking dishes that cater to your every wish.

For example: 
A full-on breakfast with the crispiest croissants and fresh juices, Walking lunch or dinner;
a selection of gorgeous small Asian bites that tickle your taste buds. 
Buffet style lunch or dinner with beautiful plated dishes. 
Full course seated dinner; white table cloths, chandeliers and wines of your choice.
You can choose between a three, four or five course menu.   

Not exactly what you are looking for?
Hit us up with your ideas and let’s make the impossible possible.



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